Elect Dava Kauffman for Newport News Commissioner of the Revenue

Dear Newport News Citizens,

It has been my sincere privilege serving the citizens of Newport News through my 27 years of employment with the Commissioner of the Revenue’s office. I provide customer service, management, and administration of the duties of the office, and for the last 5 years I have served as the Chief Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue. My unique experience qualifies me for this vital and accountable position.

I will safeguard the proper assessment methods used and continue adherence to tax laws required for administering the responsibilities of this office.

I will enhance community outreach to educate and assist the citizens and businesses about the taxes and services administered by this office.  

I will increase efficiency and productivity to improve customer service.

As a fellow citizen, I care that the responsibilities of the office are performed by a qualified and experienced individual. It would be an honor to continue my service to you and the City as your Commissioner of the Revenue. I ask you for your support.

Dava D. Kauffman